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We sell several photo products showcasing the natural beauty of Ocracoke Island as well as stock photos. 


New in 2019 is Ruth's book of photos and essays, "The Element of Water". 

With 24 pages of surf's edge photos interpreted through the consciousness and voice of the ocean. Inspirational wisdom for those who love being near the water. Here is the story behind this photo book.  


"In 2014 I took a series of photos at the edge of the surf. I didn’t realize that my settings were set for macro, up close shots. What I was able to capture were lovely close up images of the foam, bubbles, light and textures of ocean water as the waves poured onto the sandy beach. I was touched by the unusual visuals and the effect they had on me. I felt I needed to share these images, however, life marched on and that became a back burner project. In the winter of early 2018, I signed up for an online course called “Writing Down Your Soul” with luminary, Janet Conner. I learned how to drop into a meditative mental place of deep soul writing.


I also began taking a local class on intuitive development taught by Danielle Creeksong, who is best known for awakening folks to direct experience with Nature Intelligence. Here, I learned how to connect to the consciousness of all beings, including the Element of Water. All these inner promptings began to merge into the book that I have now just completed and is ready for public viewing and purchase. “The Element of Water” showcases the images that I captured that day in 2014, and each image brings a message from the spirit of water that illuminates some aspect of our life purpose and journey as souls."



We also sell Island Pathstone Sets (3rd edition now available),  a psycho/spiritual companion for growth and self exploration based on seashore symbol images drawn on 25 individual seashells and paired with a booklet of essays related  to the challenges of living a creative and authentic life.  Blindly pick a shell and read the essay to discover the metaphoric meaning behind the image. See description below.


Featuring Ruth's island photos, Island Path also sells boxed sets of notecards as well as a perennial calendar for remembering those re-occuring events in your life.


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I have done a small reprint and have 10 copies available to sell.

After living at the water's edge for over 30 years I have created this book of photos and essays inviting you to dive into the Element of Water. I think I have captured what we already feel and know when at the ocean but have not put into Her words, wisdom and guidance.


                      Enjoy!   $20. plus shipping and tax


Allow me to connect you to the possibilities 

embedded within your inner core. 


There are hundreds, thousands, infinite 

paths to unfold in the foamy richness 

of your dreams, aspirations

and inner most self. 


Imagine your playful bursts of inspiration 

to be like the wind, forming a bridge 

to usher in the birth of new beginnings.

Element of Water Book
20.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

27 pages of images and essays at the water's edge.








Use the Every Year Calendar to record and keep track of

birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events.

Just flip the page to the current month and

you will see all your special dates.



Every Year Calendar
15.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Perennial Calendar for recording those re-occuring events we want to remember!


There are 8 notecards with envelopes per box.


There are 8 Lighthouse cards &

8 Loggerhead Turtle cards    per set. 



Photo notecards
10.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Boxed sets of notecards with island images.


The Island Pathstones were designed as a meditative tool and to assist in the exploration of personal or spiritual goals. There are 25 shells gathered from the beach of Ocracoke Island. Each are unique and hand drawn to represent a seashore image. The accompanying booklet has essays that are metaphors for the selected image. With a question in mind, one blindly draws a stone from the bag of shells and then reads the appropriate essay.


EACH SET OF ISLAND PATHSTONES IS $25 PLUS TAX & SHIPPING ( includes instructions and cotton sack to store the shells.)


Island Path Stones
25.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

A guide to discovering inner wisdom as we face life challenges!


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