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If you are here because you love photography and Ocracoke Island,

then you are in the right place.

If you are here because you are on a path of searching and evolving as a soul,

then you are also in the right place.

Here the inner and outer worlds intersect, interact and

 form new connections.




Is the life you have the life you want?


When we do not live in alignment with our soul, we are cut off from an important aspect of ourselves that limits our life choices. We did not come here into this life to just follow the script set in motion by our parents when we were children.


At some point we begin to hear a voice inside of us that has it's own view of what makes us feel alive, excited and fully ourselves. Our body knows when our soul is speaking, there is a sense of magic and potential that guides our actions, fills our senses and offers clarity and purpose.


I came to Ocracoke Island nearly 30 years ago because I listened to this voice. I was guided to end my private practice as a psychotherapist, to end my PhD studies in Clinical Psychology after 4 years of investment and effort, to sell whatever I no longer needed and to move to this small remote island only accessible by ferry. I was asked to give up my identity as a professional and to invest in a community and habitat that required me to be my most authentic self. 


There were periods of despair, disillusionment and hibernation, still I stayed and listened and learned the lessons I was meant to learn (and continue to learn). The island nourished my spirit and fed my hunger to evolve.


Island Path was forged on this passion of self creation. Photography helped me see the natural world more slowly and deliberately, placing me in deep relationship with all of nature, seen and unseen. 


Island Path is a virtual destination for exploring the photographic beauty of Ocracoke Island, the most remote location in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore of North Carolina. Our copyrighted photographic images are for sale as archival quality prints or available as stock photographs for marketing.


For those seeking to enrich their inner journey while visiting Ocracoke, Island Path also offers spiritual coaching, customized personal retreats, occasional workshops and therapeutic massage. One can also purchase Island Path Stones on our product page or at various shops on Ocracoke Island.


To paraphrase the immortal words of Robert Frost,

Island Path is the trail less traveled and that has made all the difference.










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